Monday, September 22, 2014

Attention, Attention

I set about making this very interesting block and while I cut accurately and even thought I was piecing with the scant quarter inch seam, construction on this one has been a nightmare. The pattern was not really well-written and I should have seen that. 

It came with pictures step by step, but all the outside pieces were all named A-1 and A-2. Adding to that confusion, the fabrics all had circles on them and were laid on a cutting mat that was too close in color to give any sort of contrast and the lines really messed up the ability to see the block design. 

In no time at all, I had lost my way and ended up ripping the little 1.25" strips and squares. Ripping caused pulling of threads, and in no time, it was a mess. The four sections above are not pieced but even so, their oddity from each other is visable. Nothing is going to match right anymore.

I am going to use this as my model and start over. Unfortunately, these fabrics are used up and it means a different representation for them in the block. Honestly, it knocked the steam out of me and I don't feel like working on it any more today. Blah.

I know that one suggestion is to bring out crayons and color code my own copy of the pattern. Another idea is to snip a bit of the fabric and glue it to the pattern as a reference.  However, doesn't anyone test these patterns before they get published so that the user isn't wasting her time and materials on them? I run into this so much now that I know its up to me to take action.

The biggest part of it is understanding the process, and honestly, I thought I did when I started this one, and clearly that was faulty thinking. I don't want to blame others for my mistakes, and also don't want to be such a skeptic.

But hey. No one is responsible for my misunderstanding except me.