Sunday, September 7, 2014

Plans For A New Week

I am the kind of person who needs a lot of variety so that I don't get either bored or frustrated. This morning, I busied myself by sorting my projects for the week, and doing some prep work on them much like a chou chef might do in the kitchen. Most of prep work goes unnoticed and yet is essential for any project. It works to breathe new life into my weeks and also keeps me engaged in a sort of newness.

I cut some batting to size for the last of my quilts to be basted for this year. As with all things in my life, I chose to move forward trusting my visions will guide me. This particular quilt is turning out much better than I thought. It is another one of those mystery quilts (both on top and another one for the back) that drive me crazy. I wish I could learn my lesson about those mystery quilts and simply NOT do them. I like how they turn out but the process is harder on me than it needs to be. I seem to do better when I know what I am doing. 

Hah! Here is a perfect reason for a Sunday planning day!

While I cut batting, I also cut smaller 12" pieces for fabric boxes I want to make. I made 3 of them for recent Pay It Forward projects & loved how they turned out. I need one for a 90th birthday party in a couple of weeks & want to include one in my elder's Son's gift package.
These fabric squares go to a swap, four to an envelope for 12 quilters. They get pressed in half, then laid out in more of a fan so they don't plug up the postal machines. One stamp and out they go. The swap mail-out date is the 13th & so I can press fabric, & put return addys on stamped envelopes.

Of course, at my machine are what needs to be finished from what I started last week; Hallows stockings & cut pieces for blocks. Its all small details for these parts. Nothing ends up as a quilt, but all of the projects help me learn, give me experience.

This is fabric ready for a Hallow's table runner I plan to make this year. It lays across the table and the fall of it is like a witch's skirt with her shoes underneath.

Nothing has a tag on it saying what it is, who it is for, or what my next step on it is. I keep thinking I want to do that with all my projects. Ah well, even in the best of plans, there are things that get either over-looked or slip through the cracks.