Sunday, July 13, 2014

Another Mystery

That I am here to celebrate the morning is a wonderful mystery and no accident. I sat outside last night to watch the Moon rise in the east and kept my curtains open for her light to shine in on me as she traveled south to west and set as the Sun rose.

All my quilting is a mystery, in fact, and not just those projects whose patterns and steps are offered as a Mystery Quilt experience. Yesterday, I worked on numerous steps to different projects. I finished the needle-turned applique project, made great progress joining rows on the first of the June MQ's, cut scraps into usable squares and sorted more for fabric swaps, moving many projects onward.

Life is something we are granted minute by minute. Through the internet connections that I have, I am able to see the wonder of life through pictures my family and friends take all over the world in their travels or where they live. I am able to see gorgeous views through their eyes, and to share happy events even though I could not attend. Happiness overcomes me and I find myself smiling within and without.

The decision to be happy is mine to make, every day, no matter what the experience. Choice is the over-riding element. Its like building a quilt that starts with choices in patterns and fabrics. Everything that happens is really a mystery. I have found that when I chose the fabrics for a project and think I know how they will look, its still a surprise in the end.

How a quilt ends up looking depends on the quilt-maker. For as many years as I have been quilting, there is still so much more to learn, so many more mysteries to solve, so many more joys that bring a smile. Therefore, this morning, I celebrate being here to do more, to take more risks, to watch the Moon and Sun rise, to see another quilt finished.