Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Another Pinwheel

I woke up this morning thinking about the times I worried about choosing the best action to take in certain situations. With all the options, sometimes it can be hard to make a choice and so we don't make a move. Its often said that if we listen to our inner voice, we always take the path that is perfect for us. However, it can be one of trial and error over many decades to get it right.

I got  a blog email last night from the facilitator of the 12" Christmas Block Swap group. Her question to me asked what a block would look like with the white in the center of the Pinwheel. I had been thinking that too, so last night cut & pinned more pieces to lay them out differently. 

This morning, I pieced and pressed to get this one. All three examples are going to my partner in today's mail. 

Same pattern same fabrics, different layout. And who is to say one is better than the other? Oh, that's right, the quiltmaker. In a swap, the partners follow the guidelines to use the colors and work with the block pattern. THEN, when all the blocks have come in to the quiltmaker, she has to assemble them, add either more blocks or sashing, and borders...back them and quilt yet another pattern across the quilt to hold it together. Thereafter, she binds it and its done for the rest of us to ooo and ahhh when we see it.

How like life this process is. How like trust. How like human interaction. How like it all. These three blocks helped me see the value of choice is. Maybe Cathy's suggestion to me last night was like the voice of a higher power ('higher' because I respect the work she does for quilters, as well as knowing she sees the work of countless other quilters and may have a more seasoned vision to the whole process).

However one wants to interpret the guidance of others whether they are teachers, elders in a family or the neighbor down the street, it helped my own process that was already thinking that there might be more to see in this block with these fabrics.

Bottom line is about choice and experience, and practice, and trust. Yes trust.