Thursday, July 17, 2014

Paying It Forward

I've been officially doing Pay It Forward projects for several years. Offering them now is helpful for me as I quilt because I need to do a lot of practice pieces on smaller squares. The challenge, of course, is figuring out what I can do with them. In the beginning of my work, I made pot holders, & then moved onto small wallhangings, candle mats & mug rugs.

As seasonal projects, some were started in Winter, and most recently I took on several more to end before Winter (a holiday fabric theme). Yesterday, I did a lot of the cutting, both for the fabrics and the batting and all from scraps. This morning I spent time at the machine practicing various quilting stitches that are standard. I am not using the free motion quilting techniques and still holding out for classes on it.

For me, paying it forward is an act of gratitude for all the wondrous things I've been given in my life. In most cases, I might have thanked the person at the time, and in some cases, I didn't even realize what I was getting. Then there are the things I've been given just by being in this place and time by forces beyond simple human beings.

One of the clauses put to the PIF process is that if you sign up for it, it means you will give to 3-5 people in your life, either that you know or whom are strangers; some gift of any nature from a complement for their emotions or mental-well being to something more monetary or physical in nature. When I post those requirements, I try to be quite liberal in what recipients of my gifts give to other people. They know what they can do.

And if a person doesn't do anything, and just receives, good for them too. Timing is a big factor in any person's evolution. We have to be ready to hear, to be open to receive and to be open to give.

Many things block us as human beings. Many.

All I know is that I came to this place in time for doing this sort of work a couple of times a year. Just because I consider the pieces practice, or just because I use scraps of fabrics doesn't mean that the end project is unworthy of my gratitude. I try hard to create each project the best of whatever it is to the best I can do on it. I put just as much love and positive energy into them as I do a quilt I make for one of my Sons or Grandchildren. I learn more with everything I do. 

I don't tend to post final pictures because it seems like it would take away from the relationship I have with the recipient. That might seem odd when these projects reflect my learning just as much as a quilt going to a family member. 

What goes around, right? It has come to me, and often I will say that I stand under a lucky star. I have been privileged in countless ways that others will never know, even if when others look at my life, they cannot see it. I know it. And I am most grateful. The PIF projects are not something I want others to comment on or evaluate. They are products of my soul work and that really is private.