Monday, July 14, 2014

New Blocks

I spent Sunday building blocks...the kind that are made for quilts. My friend here in town and I are trying to learn the various methods to quilting by each making sampler quilts as we pretend to do a BOM. We had little luck last year, and this year hasn't been working out for either of us. The BOM author got busy with her life and didn't put out the patterns the way she thought she might. 

I found another page on Facebook (Quilting Bee) that is hosting 2-Blocks each Month and simply added to what I have already made. This is a 2-fabric pattern called "Bento Box". My plan is to use the black with white daisies on it in all the blocks so they tie together even with all the variety of blocks. I've learned that when you do a sampler quilt, something has to be the theme. And I had a lot of it leftover so this is perfect.

Not everyone likes a scrappy quilt, and I can understand that. They can be really messy looking. My plan is to do it scrappy, so every block is slightly different.

I am making this quilt in black and white with color, as a 12" on the front and also using some 6" blocks. (If you piece 4 of them, you get the 12" finish.) This pattern is "Woven". It turned out quite lovely, and was actually a challenge to select fabrics and to lay them out in a way that works. This will be one of the elegant blocks on the quilt. Its got great contrast. I like this one best of those I made Sunday. Its clear with visible parts.

The blocks are going to be quite busy and that was my plan from the on-set. This particular quilt will be mine and as a sampler, is meant for me to learn on. I didn't necessarily plan it to win any ribbons as much as it is meant for me to use up scraps. 

"HST Twist" was the third block I made and with all those dots and daisies is enough to make your eyes water & your head spin. It is all half square triangles (HST) and the layout forms a different image on the block. Playing yes, really learning more. These Facebook patterns come with relatively detailed tutorials which have been lacking with the last two groups we tried following. 

Sometimes scrap quilts are just simply cluttered looking, and other times look quite elegant like the two I made for Baylee and Landi this year. However, using scraps can mean dealing with small pieces. It takes awhile to sort through bits and seeing if there is enough to complete the pattern. In the beginning of my quilting work, I spent way too much time trying to go for the posh look. I scrapped that idea and decided that the goal was more to use it quickly and move on. 

Scrap quilters tell me that the more variety you have in a quilt, the less the pieces need to go together. Its when you get caught up in making things match that it becomes troublesome. I've found truth in that. This one will evolve all the way to the end, and so this part of it is less concerned with how blocks might work together and more in just doing it. Maybe by the time its ready for the layout, it will drive me bonkers and I will wish I had done something different.

Its all about living with potential and possibilities, and releasing the fears that insist that I follow the rules. Whose rules? What if I love it when its done? What joy comes with that! And what if I hate it when its done? Well, maybe some beloved doggy will have a new blanket. 

Nothing is over until its over!