Tuesday, July 15, 2014

No Designation

I've been working on those June MQ's that I want for backs of quilts. The first one has a home already, and this second one, also made from my stash, is yet undesignated.

It has triggered in me thoughts regarding attachments to things, and a sense of belonging to family, friends, and groups. Sometimes I feel very much alone, scared, isolated and alienated. That even happens to me when I am in the middle of my beloved circles. Quilting heals me. I might not always have the words to say how that happens, yet I know it does.

The June MQ instructions only gave fabric amounts & values of light-medium-dark, but not how they would play out in the quilt. I see how other more skilled quilters really understand this process. Doing two of them with the same pattern gave me a bit more experience. 

I like how the first one turned out, and its going to be a gift, so I am not showing it on the blog. The colors are gentle, matching the top, as well as matching color choices for the friend who will receive it.

This one, however, has no designation. It is merely an effort to use up more of my stash.

The lesson of not having a designation for myself is that I need to be true to my own values and make the most of what I have. I like dramatic colors, the way blacks that either I wear or use on a quilt come in and step everything up. I also like not having a designation in my beloved circles because there is a certain sense of freedom that extends beyond the sense of belonging....a sense of freedom that makes me a member of larger circles of world communities. 

Those larger circles are ones that create my imagination, psychic skills, intuition, spirit. They are where I live in my mind and in my heart, where I really live. This is also why I quilt, why I love the quilts I make and give to the people I love.

Plans are good. No doubt about it. And I am uber organized, so for me to sit here and write that I can forego having life plans, being organized, and not recognizing my designation of where I sit and stand would be an all-out lie. Its just that every once in awhile, I want to risk something new and almost dangerous....like making a quilt that has no designation.

(Insert scary sound here)