Thursday, July 24, 2014

Never Say Never

There was a time in my life when I might make a decision about something and hold fast to that come what may. Over the years, I have come to see different views and that sometimes changing my mind is ok, and if no one else is effected by it or harmed by what I do, that too is ok. Not too long ago, I said that I never cared to do hand needle turned applique again. Its time consuming for what you get.

When my local quilting friend and I got together yesterday, we talked about the quilting progress and stages we were at. I showed her the B&W blocks I've made, and she showed me the stacks of organized stash she has colorized and stacked on her shelves. As we chatted, we decided to set aside every other Wednesday as quilting time together before she becomes a snowbird who flies off to AZ for the Winter.

Carol wants to learn the needle turned applique, something I said I didn't really want to devote any time on. I even sent that completed block, such as it was, to another friend in hopes she could figure out how to use it. As we chatted, I agreed to do one more block so she could learn how it was done, and perhaps make a table runner with it in the center and other holiday blocks on either side, adding sashing and borders to make it work. We calculated that it would only need a total of three blocks, three randomly made blocks with sashing and borders. Both of us were glad to make something that uses up more of our stash.

I don't really want a table runner. However, I have been seeing and thinking about bed runners. I like the thought of having something across the middle of my bed at night that is not a full quilt. I like having the extra warmth but not near my face nor on my feet. A bed runner is a perfect idea.

I've made some themed blocks that currently have no homes that I can use for this project. I think that it would work with sashing and borders, and enough different 12" blocks to run two wide and perhaps six across so that it extends across the bed and to the floor on both sides. It is actually the size of a lap quilt with 12 blocks but placing them to fit.

What this all means is that I have slipped into the stage of designing my own project. I can play with different 12" block designs and use them freely here. I've browsed enough magazines and websites to see how it can be done. Of course one could follow a pattern, and yet my style for making anything for myself is becoming freer.

Yes, can you believe it? It wasn't long ago that I thought I was trapped by convention and tradition. Here I am taking all those traditions and doing something relatively new and radical (for me) and making what I need and want. Not a table runner, not a full size over the bed quilt, but a bed runner.

Woo hoo! Woo Hoo, I say!