Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Patience is a Virtue

Just when I think I have more patience, something like today shows up to teach me how mis-informed I really am.

I worked almost all day on those B&W blocks to catch up after my trip. Rather than blaming an early day without coffee, its all about not paying attention and not following instructions. As I sit here writing, I am also smiling at my arrogance to think I could just visit the sewing machine without checking, especially after messing up the smaller one.

As I mentioned, that small 6" block is elsewhere and is officially an orphan, and this is the 12" version. It turned out fine, and I will add it to the growing collection, however, its not correctly done. The inner triangles were reversed and I just did not have the patience to rip and re-do.

I pulled out the B&W scraps and cut again. This quilt is meant to be scrappy and a sort of sampler-mystery-block of the month-quilt. So its going to look random, and is meant to look random. From what I understand, the more fabrics that are in a scrappy quilt, the better it ends up looking. That has been my experience so I am trying to surrender to that concept with this one.

While the block above looked easier to me than this one did; this one proved to be easier in its construction. It fascinates me how different a block can look by using different selections of fabrics. This is the part of mystery quilts that is thrilling as well. You never know how it will turn out.

A quilter can select her favorite colors, and absolutely love the fabric designer, which is still no guarantee that she will love the quilt. I am starting to think that the more a person quilts, the finer they tune their instincts or intuition about such things. Its no wonder those kits are so popular because using a kit takes the guesswork out of making choices.

In the beginning of my work with this fabric art, I thought about taking notes on what worked and what didn't, but again, patience is a virtue I seemed to have been born without. The best I can do is this blog, and I understand that blog hosts can shut down or lose blogs, so its suggested that a blogger do backups. Backups require patience too and this is just a blog. 

Done is done.And I love quoting Daeneyrs Targaryen in the Game of Thrones book/series.

If there are lessons to learn either with quilting, the blog or life in general, well, I just hope they come without too much hassle. I did get through the day, and I have five blocks to show for the effort. That orphan might even find a home if a day shows up with time to spare in it. Most likely its an easy fix.

My next days will be spent on various "Pay It Forward" projects for 2014, and some of those Mystery Quilts that were started before my trip. Its gotten beasty hot here so the gardens are on their own and have to settle for sprinklers and over-growth.