Friday, July 25, 2014

I Didn't Know That!

Is it amazing how much we don't really know? When I think of how much time & energy I spend trying to do something that I don't know that someone else HAS figured out, it blows me away. I am sure many of us are driven more by enthusiasm than prudence, striking out on projects that we cannot complete nor even undertake. 

And there are those things we do out of habit that someday, we wish we had known better. Folding quilts for storage is one such habit. Like many people I pick mine up and fold them in half & then in quarters. These two are finished & hanging over a chair until I am ready to ship them all off before Thanksgiving week. I kept thinking they were folded & hung gently. Then, yesterday, someone in one of my online quilting groups posted a link that shows the better way to store quilts that puts less stress on the fibers. If you are interested, here it is from a blog posted in 2012.

I've started the binding on Cody's Quilt, Healing Holly. You can see how cavalier I am with my Works in Progress (WIP) as I toss them over my ironing board after each session of hand work at night. At least, they are hanging rather than bunched on the floor or folded in quarters for storage. The black & holly is actually the back on this one, & the front is a scrappy Log Cabin. It's made up of fabrics using the holly theme in some variation, so its more a guy-quilt. Its really going to be lovely.

The blog suggests going through your quilt projects and refolding everything. I won't do that today, but after I get this year's Winter Solstice quilts completed, I might just go back into my storage and spend time doing it just to take the stress off the fibers and avoid crease lines. As the saying goes, I'd rather be safe than sorry.