Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Illusions is the name of the quilt I am finishing. The hand sewn binding takes about three evenings to complete and tonight will be the third session, and then its done. It gets tossed over my ironing board. I've fallen in love with the colors and the name of it. Illusions.

This quilt goes to my eldest Niece Sheri. The pattern is meant to be scrappy and creates an illusion when its opened and laying flat. 

It is unrealistic of us to expect a quick or smooth journey in life. Unrealistic expectations can generate discouragement, which in turn can make us want to quit living some days; & simply curl up under a quilt & sleep the day away. That is really ok to do as a method of coping with the realities, & also as an act of restoring our confidence & self-esteem. 

In fact, naps are a good thing, a quilt thing.

Every one of us has something in our lives that challenges us, stops us from acting, reminds us that we don't have the skills we need to make the journey, or forces us to endure horrendous mis-deeds of others we might have trusted; or simply asks us to accept the fate that is tossed in our paths as life lessons.

An illusion is a distortion of the senses and reality. Visual illusions are the most well-known and actually dominate the other senses. They can bring on specific forms of sensory distortion and misinterpretation. 

As I created this quilt, the prayer that came for me with it was that anyone who saw or used this quilt would be open to their own skills to see what is true and not false in their world.

The comfort I hope comes from using it will generate tenacity, peace, foresight, understanding and acceptance of what is real. And I pray it is well used.