Thursday, July 3, 2014

Being Aware

I got into such a funk about a recent experience with a quilting group. So what I did to recover and change my thinking was to join a few more FaceBook groups to see how they were run, and if I could find a place to learn and be a part of a healthy community. Wow! I was accepted into several of them. 

Administrators of these groups set up great guidelines about being nice, and establishing a zero tolerance for those who did not keep their word when they signed up for a swap. MQ patterns & swaps were listed with guidelines & VERY clear directions for making them. What they don't do is put a ceiling on the number of members they will accept. I might leave the larger groups because there is no way to learn about individuals who get lost in the shuffle of hundreds of posts. 

 I am working on a 12" Christmas Block Swap for my July partner who lives in Wodonga, Australia. Its all cut, pinned, and ready to piece. My partner wants to use the blocks she receives as part of table toppers for her adult children. 

My goal is to ship the July block no later than this Saturday. Finishing it today would be ideal.  And of course, the pattern has one part (times 4) in it that I've never done that either might go smoothly or present a challenge. Its going to be a great adventure.

It can literally be heart-breaking if your swap partner doesn't ship on time. International packages can take up to three weeks, and I've read some come even months later! Most of the time, quilters keep their word. Some times quilters make promises they never keep. And that has got to be hard on them too. Administrators in the better run groups ban anyone who doesn't deliver their swap within the time frame.

Thing is, every one of those groups has a notice that says if you cannot do the work in a certain month to opt out for that month. Its a matter of being honest with one's self. 

Of course things happen. The other day, I shipped out a swap that had the wrong street address. I put 19th and it should have been 16th. If she doesn't get it soon, chance are it will return to me for a new label. I have no excuse other than I made a mistake and flipped the number when I wrote it.

Being aware is the active choice for what I think, and my thoughts create my day-to-day reality. For me, its being aware of the perils in life, and yet, focusing on potentials.

Being aware, again, in my opinion and for my life, is knowing my own behaviors and habits and being authentic to the bone. Keeping that side-bar list of my projects helps keep me on track. Its one of the reasons I like this blog. I can see what has a priority finishing and what I put off. It keeps me honest. It keeps me aware.