Wednesday, August 6, 2014

4-Patch Star

My 12" Christmas Block Swap partner for August lives in Washington. She has a remarkable quilting background & says she's made at least 1000 quilts for kids & families in need. She also makes clothing for some of those kids as well. I feel incredibly lucky to meet amazing quilters from all over the world who do what they love for a lot of folks they never meet. It makes my heart sing to feel a part of this kind of circle. 

She requested any star block in traditional holiday colors, so I used a block pattern that I am very fond of designed by a woman named Kelly Hauser who owns Haus of Hauser Quilting. She offers free tutorials & patterns twice a month on a Facebook group. I've made it several times now, and while each one turns out differently, and are time intensive, the end result is most pleasing. I've been looking at my holiday stash to find three more fabrics in red for a second block to send my August partner.

As I think about these generous women, it seems to me that there are folks who look for a payout before giving of their time or resources. And then there are these others who simply love in ways that invite our inner joy to emerge. They make connections among the members of their world without any expectations for reward or acknowledgement. These are the artists around us who hold our humanity together with small and big expressions of love in whatever ways they create. This is the circle I hope to work in. These are my people.

I am not sure it is easy to be in this circle. I would expect that to be human, means also to have flaws and limitations, to feel insecure and empty some days. We live in this culture and we get caught up in a false belief that tells us there is a scarcity of resources. Giving and loving freely is an ideal, and a model to strive for every day.

A person can express their opinions from any armchair, however, it is really what they do that people notice. Ok, some people. Not everyone sees love or generosity or has a positive outlook. Sometimes people like my August swap partner or Kelly go unnoticed by others around them, or might even have their work dismissed because they do it without seeking recompense. What DOES it take for us to see love?

What does it take to be that kind of love in the world?