Monday, August 25, 2014

A New Week

I didn't quilt at all yesterday, and so when it came time to writing the blog, I drew a blank. This was the combo challenge I knew would happen if I started to blog. Was my focus quilting, was it my spirituality expressed in quilting, or was it my life-long love of the written word?

I think all three are only part of what makes me who I am these days, but none of them really defines me. There is so much more that I think and do that is not logged in here. I know this blog is public and do not know who reads it or why they find my words of interest. 

At best I am a storyteller, and maybe that is really a better definition or description of who I am. Stories are where we learn the moral of our lives, how we connect to each other and to our past, as well as with our future. We are either spellbound by the stories, or turn away. 

If you have ever read Joseph Campbell, you know he gave us a wealth of quotations that filter into our lives. He was a storyteller at a time in our culture where men did and said things they might not get away with now. However, because he was a brilliant storyteller with some very interesting concepts, I was compelled, like many thousands of others, to listen.

Writing a daily blog that has any value to the reader means the author needs to find a transparency and authentic vulnerability in her life, and in her words. I have questioned the value of what I do here, as a spiritual being, as an intermediate quilter and even as a writer. I like to say that I do not write anything of a personal nature that will bite me later, nor do I want to reveal stories about other people.

Its a challenge to even think that I have anything of interest to someone else. Its not about personal self-esteem as much as it is really seeing how this venue works. I write, I share, but its like I am playing to a dark theater where I cannot see the audience nor hear their replies. Are they applauding, silent, booing? Have they left the building?

Like Joe Campbell was heard to say: "Suddenly you're ripped into being alive. And life is pain, and life is suffering, and life is horror. But my god, you're alive and its spectacular!"

Tomorrow, more quilting topics. Guess I needed a Monday, Monday.