Saturday, August 2, 2014

Fabric Swaps

I just participated in three swaps of 6.5" fabrics. In all, I sent off 40 envelopes and should receive 40 with the variety of pieces in them. I signed up for this in order to move out fabrics that I have used already and get new ones in return. They will bring a fresh look to what I have. Looking at the 'old' fabric pieces reminded me of how easy it is to become sick and tired & lose interest in working with what is there.

Yesterday I mailed off the last 20 envelopes with 6 pieces in each of them. Its so fun opening them and discovering different fabrics. Each envelope only takes one stamp so it isn't a big investment beyond the time it takes to cut them.

As the mail comes in, the next challenge is what to do with them all. These represent two of the swaps thusfar, with more coming; one is floral and the other is novelty. I plan to make more quilt backs with these fabric groupings.

I worked on one of my Pay It Forward projects most of yesterday, and decided to watch some You Tube videos. I subscribe to a few quilting stations, one of which is called the "Gourmet Quilter" offered by a woman named SusanClair Mayfield who currently lives in New Zealand.  She is quite fond of making quilts that use 5" or charm squares. So as I worked on the PIF, I watched her share various ideas for using these smaller squares. Mine are going to be a bit larger, but its the same concept.

SusanClair's UK accent catches my ear, however, its the way she teaches on her videos that holds my attention. Everyone has a different learning style. With quilting, I really need a teacher who keeps the lessons clear and informative. I was able to get all my hand sewing done and learn a few new techniques. 

My original plan had been to simply join these blocks to make simple backs, and through SusanClair's guidance, the fabrics have a newer, fresher destiny. Would that be so with every new thing I learn.