Sunday, August 24, 2014

Planning Ahead

Because I live 2000 miles away from family, I start planning the holiday gifts long before most people even want to think about it.

This is one of my favorite pics of my Sons back in the mid-70's. And while they are all grown up and approaching middle age, they still become like little boys whenever they get something from their Momma. 

The last two years, they've gotten quilts from me, and not this year. Getting a quilt every year seemed excessive and so I've spent time looking online for DIY gift ideas. 

Most of the time, a fabric artist just changes their fabric choices to a more masculine look and calls it done. I've seen ideas for various totes, mug rugs, pillowcases, BBQ aprons, or journal covers; none of which appeal to me as gifts for them. A gift has to have some value or be practical or useful to the recipient. The only value would be that I made it, and that's not enough for me. 

When they were younger, of course, they got the usual Mom-Gifts of undies and sox. Then I stopped with those for a very long time until one of them told me that he looked forward to them because I always got 'the good ones'.

Why is it that manly gifts lack imagination and value to guys? I am not the only person who struggles to find the perfect gift. 

I found a number of sites that had endless suggestions for homemade items, and they are perfect ideas for people in specific relationships where their guy has specific interests. More so, they are for people in the couple relationship where the partner knows what is wanted or needed in their household that this gift will fill. These are my Sons.

I thought about making pajama bottoms and found this link.
PJs are practical, useful, personal, and according to this link, easy to make in one night. Hah! The pattern starts by telling you to use his favorite PJ bottom as a pattern. WAIT!  I don't live with them any more & don't have a pattern. Wasn't this the pattern link?

That was where I stopped my silly self. I am their Momma and I can give them Mom-Gifts of undies and sox to make us all happy with it. I drew the line and told myself that while they were not getting quilts this year, neither were they getting some substitute sewing gift. This experience helped me learn a bit more about myself and how I want to spend my energy. Simple sewing is more difficult than one thinks and very often what I make looks like I need more practice with it. If I have to practice on something, I would rather it be on my quilting projects.

I love quilting. Next year, they will get new quilts from me that show my elevated quilting skills. This year, they get some store-bought gifts from the woman who gave birth to them, nursed them, read to them, bandaged their wounds, held their hands, had their back, & continues to support their every step. 

What more could a man want (at least from his Momma)?