Thursday, August 7, 2014


I ran across some old photos of my cat Vito Corleone, who finally succumbed to his weak immune system more than a year ago. He was a good ol' boy who loved my quilts and had his favorite ones to lay upon. It made me think of how much unselfish love our pets demonstrate all the time. Such teachers they are for us. They certainly show us how to be friends.
At any given moment, I could invite Vito to come sit on my lap or tell him to move along because he was bothering me. He'd go find himself a floor vent & soak up either the winter heat or summer AC. Always, always, always he showed me the kind of love without demands, accepting whatever kind of attention I had to give in the moment. There are times when I really miss him and times when a little creak on the floor makes me think he is there.

My quilting is like that too. I've put the "12 Days" away again. Its a tedious project that I cannot seem to even want to complete. Its becoming like an old friend; the kind of old friend that is both comfortable and irritating. Thing is, its not about the quilt as much as it is about me.

I finished a second block for my August swap partner after auditioning several holiday reds I had & it still turned out green. I turned several tied bundles of fabric over until finding three more pieces that met my immediate needs. Most of it went back and sits waiting for the next audition.

I think about my responsibility as a friend as I work today. It makes me wonder how good I am at accepting the silence and lack of attention I get from others. Its not personal. 

Vito knew that. He knew more about me than anyone did or does.

And fabric? Fabric is not a living being, right? Or is it? Does it only come alive when it contributes to the whole? Does fabric live without meaning until it is chosen? Oh my. If this has any truth for my life, the metaphor of it guides my work, urging me onward to make contributions, being the one who also choses right relationships to the people in my life and to the members of the plant and animal nations.

Over the years, I have had a hard time seeing myself as an artist. In great part, the words I had for Vito were really said for me to hear about myself. "Come here" and "Go away" are soul messages. I am still using them with my fabrics until they evolve into another energy.

I miss that darn cat. He loved me unconditionally and that is such a rare gift in this world.