Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Good Day

Some days I have are full of such energy that I get a lot of things done. Things. So many things to do in quilting are behind the scenes, so to speak. Its like healing. In order to feel good, at any age, a person needs to do simple things, like drinking water every day, getting exercise, eating healthy foods, and laughing, All those things we do are routinized to a place we no longer bring them to our conscious, and we just do those things. They make us healthy. They make us who we are and help us move through the world. 

Its the same with quilting. Some days, I cut, some days I piece, some days I hand stitch and some days I just think about what I want to do next. 
One project for the day was one of those PayItForwards I am making this year, and so holding to my personal preference, I won't show the finish, but this is a picture of the inside guts of it all. Each one of them teaches me so much, and if there is a seam that is not quite right, or fabrics that didn't work the way I thought, I can re-do them or just not do it the next time. There are always options and handy rippers.

Also, I brought out another stash bin where I keep my orphans. Orphans are usually those extra blocks that got made and aren't going to be used on a quilt. I started to see the quilt backs so differently that the orphans might all have homes sooner than later. Its not an easy project, but one that re-purposes things already made or started. On a quilt back, I am taking more liberty in creating them, but just have to think it out.