Sunday, August 31, 2014

Ribbons & Buttons

There is more detail to those mini Halloween stocking/shoes than I realized. I cut out all nine from scraps I had that the patterns would fit on, did the preliminary stitching, added 11" lengths of ribbons and have been sewing on buttons that I had in a container that will work. 

They are a cute project, and coming along sweetly. The young girls in my family will love them. Some of the stocking/ shoes are being finished off with beads rather than buttons and look good. The last stitches to join front and back are next, and then clipping the curved corners should finish them up. And of course, I have three of those elfen stockings to make up as well.

Its a funny thing about Grandchildren. Two of them have graduated High School and have moved out on their own for higher education in the world. Yet, for all their grown up efforts, they want and need the simple things their Granny sends. There was a time that I thought I would only be giving to those still at home, but for as long as I live, I know that it will be important to them no matter where they live and how old they get, AND to me to keep the family connections. Luckily, these creations come from fabric scraps. Making them keeps me out of trouble. Heh, heh.

Lisa's quilt is about 3/4th finished. Although the outside temps are dropping, it was still hot in my Eastern workroom about mid-day. 

The September 12" Christmas Block partners were issued. Mine would like a Log Cabin block of 5 different holiday reds on one side, and 5 different holiday greens on the other side with gold as center. Each log is 1.5" wide to the appropriate length, which is an inch more narrow than I learned to make so I may need to practice to get it correct. Both start with a 2.5" square. I might be making more of it than it has to. Its such a classic pattern and one I enjoy making.