Saturday, August 23, 2014

Hiding the Truth

Hiding the truth from others or even ourselves cannot be healthy. Its always been hard for me to avoid spilling out what I know, so not showing the pictures of what I make for my PayItForward projects challenges me beyond belief.

Yet, these tokens of my love are not meant for me to show or 'brag' about or comment on. Its always seemed that in the showing and the telling that it takes them to a different place and takes away the real essence of my gratitude. It is a very different hiding of the truth that doesn't really harm anyone.
What I did work on that I can show is that applique block Carol (the local quilting friend I have) & I are working on. For the flowers, I am going to do the standard Winter holiday Poinsettias. I like buying them every year & enjoy the hybrid colors they have out, like lime or orange. 

This plant, sitting on the edge of my desk, is years old & for some reason continues to thrive. I have a long history with Poinsettias, & will not mind having it on this square as part of the Winter bed runner I am making. It has a center placement on the piece because the flower petals are more 3-D in nature. Carol & I have been meeting every other week for about an hour to chat & do hand work. Its relaxing for both of us. I really didn't want to do this pattern again, but it was a way for us to practice it together.

I found another embroidery pattern from Embroitique that I want to make in colors rather than the simple black threads. I have been a fan of their designs & patterns for years, & machine embroidery designs can be converted to hand work. This broom looks to be something in a chocolate color. So yum! I am thinking that I might like to make a quilt using graphics that have quotes or sayings on them.

And as I think about it, I could easily make an embroidery square for the backs of my quilts and incorporate them as labels. Usually what I do on my quilts to sign them is to write on them somewhere as a hidden message rather than a full out label. I do like the idea of it being a hide-n-seek message.