Saturday, August 30, 2014

And Then More

After finishing the Halloween stocking for a swap, I cut out several more for the young girls in my family. I decided to do something different for the boys. They are all small stockings & will take just a few non-candy treats...well, ok, some mini Hershey bars.

Its not a gender thing but I know they would enjoy something not girly and the stocking/shoe looks girly with the buttons and ribbons on it. I found a simple elf pattern that will work. I'll just join random fabrics on a diagonal, and add a cuff to finish it. 

In all, I will do 12 of these...nine stocking/shoes and three Hallows elfen stockings. Its not a full quilt, but will take time.

I bought fabric for a Mid-September weekend class on the Stack n Whack pattern.

A few months ago, my younger Son asked me to make a Mariner's Compass quilt for him. Silly man. He has no idea how much skill they take to make.

When I first selected the fabric to do the S&W, I found some that was bright, bold and all my favorite colors. I stopped myself and looked around to find something that was more him, more his colors and more his style. I found "Fabrique-Istan" by Paula Nadelstern for Bernatex. Wow, will this make amazing stars! If you don't know the S&W, it looks like a kaleidoscope. Each star has 8 blades to it, cut from the same fabric, and none of them look alike.

I selected a teal feather look with gold edging for the background, named "Dynasty" by Chong-Ahwang for Timeless Treasures. 

This book & pattern have been around for awhile, & I've picked it up & put it back several times because it seemed beyond me. The class will be a day & a half to get most of the top done. There are two accent borders and the binding that are selected after the center is completed. 

While its not a Mystery Quilt, it has elements of mystery and magick in how it comes together. This one is all about the cutting and the layout. I am excited. I still own a small kaleidoscope and enjoy looking through it to see the changes. Its actually my favorite toy.

With this quilt, I am already anticipating lessons and new ways of seeing the beauty of different expressions by the stars cut from the same cloth.