Wednesday, August 2, 2017


I finished binding a quilt that has a BOM Mystery pattern on the back and a Calendar BOM on the top. The top is a calendar quilt that my friend Rex & I made and swapped each month. So it has all the blocks she made, which are quite stunning. The back is a BOM we joined together and is extended to fit the top.

That means two quilt projects were put together and are now out of the UFO status to be of use. This mystery quilt was a challenge for me and used up what I had for all parts of the blocks and binding.

This quilt stays in my home so that the care of it is more secure. When Rex & I made our blocks, we traded off each month's ideas for the theme and then did what we did. I might have pics of what I made for her somewhere. However, this is my finished version.

I took on a bigger task than I realized to finish UFO's this year. 

(Shown here with a King-size pillow inside, and clips to do the binding.) I probably will finish the hand binding on the B&W tote and then can attach the straps. I used 40 of the 5" charms for the outside, two White & B pieces for the sides, and a B&W for the inside and binding. All of this came from my closet. I did a dark/light layout to maximize the contrast. It is a smart looking bag that will go with any outfit my Granddaughter wears. 

Finishing up the UFOs brings on a lot of emotions and mental angst. Yet, when each of them gets finished and is removed from the sidebar, the sense of accomplishment is grand. Interestingly, with all the fabrics that get used, there is still so much left.