Thursday, August 10, 2017

New Class

Benjamin Disraeli, who served two terms as Prime Minister of England, once said that the secret to success is consistency of purpose.

I am quite committed to shopping from my closet. I am quite committed to the consistency of this purpose. I signed up for a class at one of the local fabric stores to make a Weekend Tote using the MN Wild fabric I have, plus some coordinating fabric. The instructions would make the bag in 3 styles, so I need to measure the scraps I have to see what will work, and get started by cutting and quilting for the steps before the class.

I watch a lot of tutorials, and yet, NEED to get into a classroom setting every once in awhile to up my game plan a bit. Totes I have been making are quite, quite simple, using orphan blocks that end up being a smallish tote. This bag is larger and measures 22"x15"x8". It also has a clasp. If I am lucky with how it turns out, it will make a gift for my younger Son.

EDIT: The pattern includes three styles using whole cloth, a jelly roll, OR 5" charms. Once I learn the technique, I have another way to use up what I have. It looks like a purse from the photo, because the view from the side isn't shown. When I didn't have enough fabric to do the bag I wanted, I went into my stash and found pieces that I can cut into my own jelly roll.

The pattern says it takes 22 WOF at 2.5" so I need to get cutting and piecing. There are lots of blues/teals that will make up a bag perfectly. Unfortunately, too many of them are floral. I plan to shop at JoAnn's online to get what I need for my Son's bag.