Friday, August 4, 2017

August BOM

When the August BOM for Rising Stars came out, I was delighted to start working on it if just for a change in what had become routine. HOWEVER, sure enough, the bin that I thought held the project was missing. That sent me back in the closet yet again. Even though my bins are clear and even though I label them, my own notes are less clear than I would like.

So while I had almost everything out on the floor again, I re-sorted. The only comfort I can take is knowing that when the quilts get finished they will go out the door. And the second comfort is in knowing my stash is diminishing with time.

The block wasn't easy, yet it is really lovely. Also in the bin are coordinating scraps gathered to use on a back. I even had a pattern. What I decided to do was to start on its back before putting the container away. At one time, according to a note-to-self, I decided to make these scraps into a Rail Fence pattern, which actually would make a good balance to the sampler style BOM on the front.

I got a few of the 2.5" strips joined and ran out of thread. I know, its another excuse to have a UFO. And so I went onto to something else.