Sunday, August 13, 2017

The Class

One reason I like taking classes is to get socialization. There is more to any process than just going to the class, conference, seminar or meeting. Yes, it is socialization, yes it is learning. What I needed and received was validation and support. 

With this particular project, there was no instant transformation, no shortcuts, in spite of great explanations for the project, & tips from the Instructor as well as from other participants. It was still hard work from the moment the class started. 

At home, I had really beaten myself up with how inept I felt. I hated how it looked. It made me sad on so many levels as I struggled to follow the directions, and longed for it to transform and saw only a mess that I thought was unfixable.

Remarkably, this project turned into a work of art.

I wonder how I can recall the way I felt when I was so frustrated and lost, and see the truth of it. I was so dangerously close to giving up with all the frustrations I felt. Of course, the very problem I had with putting it through my machine was something the other participants experienced.  

It took me 2 days of quilting. The class was 6 more hours, and I am far from the finish on it, easily taking a day or more. 

It was nice to be in the company of other women. We chatted, worked, laughed a bit, and supported each other with gentle affirmations.

An important lesson I wish I could keep is seeing how things do work out. Another important lesson is that I am not alone and can seek the company of others when something inside me yearns for those splendid others, people who like what I like and enjoy me being me.