Sunday, August 6, 2017

SwapBot Exchanges

I did post this pic on FB to show that I do more than quilt. 

And while I did more organizing around the studio, this was my only accomplishment. In one way, papers and simple crafts like this are completely related to quilting. It is about color and composition. The process to do an Artist's Trading Card (ATC) and the holder, is interesting. The card is a regular playing card that is painted so the paper sticks. Then I used a couple of small scraps, glued them & cut them to fit. I had a couple of stickers, and used a glitter glue to add the dots & drips. After it all set, I brushed it against a stamp pad to give it another layer. The holder is double sided paper folded on four sides to fit and it is tied with the rope. 

Paper crafting is not my thing. There are few papers left from when I did some scrapbooking and not many accessories or tools.

I agreed to take over this group and set up swaps. And I have one starting every week until Hallows. This one was #2 and thus far, I did 8. It pushes me to do something different. #3 is just sending soft goods. I have a small pillow and an oven mit in the envelope, so I try to vary craft and simple assembly.

One of the swaps selects a Halloween animal and asks participants to send goodies to their partner focusing on this one. I chose the Black Cat, just to be safe and am going to make a mug rug out of scraps I have. Pics to follow when it is finished and ready to ship.