Thursday, August 3, 2017

UFO Reality Check

As I looked at my sidebar for 2017/18 projects, I realized ALL of them are actually UFO's for some reason or another. It is maddening and quite frustrating for me that I didn't see what I was doing, or not doing. I followed up on my primary commitment earlier this year to finish the UFO's that caused me angst, so that was honesty. And done. However, even though most of the hard cases are finished, what remains is just a list of projects that simply needs finishing.

What I want to do is take each project one at a time & bring it to completion. There are some UFO's in my closet, invisibly tucked away in bins. No lie. When I come across one, I might put it to the top of the sidebar to-do list or might decide if it's time to put it in the giveaway box. Now that I have it in my mind about giving a 'spark joy' value to things, I am less likely to keep something I won't finish in the near future.

It is my hope to take the next 2017 quilt in for basting early in the morning some time soon; then machine quilt it, get binding on it, and have it ready to ship in September. 

One UFO on the list is for quilt backs from scraps, and as that is on-going until all the containers are gone through, I will do them whenever there is a pause in other projects. That helps me not get burned out too.

It only took a few hours for me to join rows to make one from 6" squares. These will be simple projects easy to work on between more complex quilts. However, the goal to use up what is cut & in the bin. I'd like to have a lot of them at the ready to use. They turn out so simple. I thought about making them into comfort quilts if there ends up being more than I need for backs.

Also, there are 2 quilt-alongs I joined this year that are high on the list to complete; one that needs fabric (purple with webs), or failing the find, must be a re-designed project. The majority of 2018 quilts are ready to baste and so next year will see me do a lot of machine quilting. 

I am much better at leaving myself notes-to-self, so that helps me to take out a project and get right to it rather than ruminating endlessly about my next steps on it.