Tuesday, August 1, 2017

UFO Tote

My plans for this B&W Beach Towel Tote bag, sort of got set aside, which is what makes up a UFO. There was nothing really keeping me from it. I had fabric choices, batting and strapping.

Its interesting how things do get set aside. No way to know if it was how I was feeling either physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. There were no notes-to-self on the pattern that let me think this was any different than the 3 I made before. Now, that might have been it. Maybe I was going to rearrange squares and now won't. Time shifts things.

Maybe I was just burned out making them, and wanted to step back a bit. The important thing for me right now is not to stop. I know I cannot expect real rushes of emotion all the time, however, I want to make quilt projects I like, and hopefully that means recipients like them too.

The next goal I have for this project is to get the batting cut, and the three pieces pin basted. I do a simple stitch for quilting, and then its just adding binding & straps, and out the door.