Monday, July 31, 2017

New Goals For Healthy Living

The 9-patch back with 4" squares is done, folded & put away for the future. I took out the bins, yes, again, to store projects a little neater. There are two quilts for 2017 yet to baste, machine quilt, bind and ship out. I will get them done ASAP.

Also, I found the plastic template I thought I lost for a diamond shaped quilt. Woohoo! Its one of those kinds of quilts you can make as large or small as you wish. And it will be perfectly paired with one of the finished backs. 

Lastly, I found five PIGS that are kits I made from fabrics donated by various friends that blended and coordinate beautifully. The quilts I have on my side bar to-do list are close to done. Most of them will need basting and quilting. These new quilt kits have not been started.
I've misplaced one other thing, my rotary cutter, so I did buy another one. This one opens and closes when you hold or release it and it is quite sturdy or heavy enough to hold without shaking. They are not cheap, but ever so worth the price to own. I plan to donate the spare I have and know the first one of these I bought will turn up soon enough.

The other storage containers hold my pre-cuts, and now all the scraps are colorized again. That makes it easier to make quilt backs. I can see how that needs to be an on-going project. I think all of the quilts planned for next year have backs, but now that I found 5 kits, they will also need backs to finish them up. The more work I can do on them while I have the ability, the easier it will be when their time comes.

Now back to the other UFOs for the year. I need to push myself on these. I've been dragging my heels, so to speak, for long enough.