Thursday, July 20, 2017

Basting Day

When I talked to the Clubhouse Manager, she told me that it is open all the time, and that I am welcome to come in whenever I want or need to, even though her office isn't open. I wanted to ask if I could before, but know that I have over-stepped boundaries with people in the past, so was being careful. 
Getting permission to do something has not always been in my nature. I often tell my Granddaughters that it is easier to apologize. Maybe I recognize what that means from the other side of administration & know that when someone just bursts in without permission, it changes things for others around them. It is wise to know where you are welcome to be. Sometimes people resent what might seem like acts of entitlement.

This is such a slight issue to set up appointments in the Clubhouse. I do appreciate the go-ahead. I have 2 UFO quilts ready to baste & will do one in a morning. I can machine quilt them, trim and bind as time goes along.

While I worked on the UFO tote bags, it got so tedious for me to do the same-ol same ol process. I need variety or just get intensely frustrated if I try to do many of the same thing in a short amount of time. I might not have been a good factory worker. I did some thread clipping, and this group was done. I put plans for the other UFO totes more toward the bottom of my list to do later when it will seem a more fresh project.

I still hate the UFO process and have been learning that I do not like returning to something I set aside. It makes me want to take my projects as far as I can go, and not wait for something to finish them. If I need batting or fabric to make it happen, then I need to either shop in town or order online. So simple.

The hot pads were next on my list to finish.The pattern claimed to be easy, and it might be for someone who can follow patterns. I know better than to try and sew before I am sure of what I am doing. Luckily, I only had to unpin rather than unpick. This pattern didn't have fabric suggestions and so assumed I would know what was expected. Easy. Hah! After a couple of hours on this project, I was no further along than when It was first started.

I hate UFOs. I said that, right?