Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Pinned & Pieced

Yes, why yes, I did pin and piece some this morning, but do not feel like working on either of the last two quilts I am making for 2017. 

The blue & white log cabin is really next on my list to finish. I ripped out the puckered seams and took it back to re-baste. That part is done. I plan to do horizontal channel stitching in hopes that it will be wrinkle free. What might have gone wrong is that the stitches were done on the bias. That caused stretching. No new pictures because it is the same quilt without any progress on it. I need to load bobbins before starting. That is an easy task for later today.

The other quilt, the Disappearing 4-Patch, went through all the first cuts, into the 4-Patches and then through the second cuts for more pinning and piecing. Most of that is done. There are several more blocks than need final piecing and then layout can begin after they are all presssed. I plan to quilt with random lines.
Now that July started, I want to remind myself about what works for me rather than feel angst over what I fail to do the way I want. There are only these two quilts for me to finish in 2017. 

Funny how I push myself so needlessly. Neither recipients know that they are coming, so they are not expected by a particular date.