Wednesday, July 19, 2017

And Sew it Goes

Sometimes I can be an expert worrier. When I get in that loop, no topic is too small that I can't blow it up into something bigger. I hate that part of me. Seriously. I avoid it by being a workaholic.

So what has this to do with quilting? Some days, it has everything to do with my work. I spent several hours cutting squares from fabrics recently used in quilt projects.

I also pulled out all the UFO containers so that I could have easy access to them.

I don't kid myself about my waning skills. Every day, I can feel some part of my body signal me that there is a difference. 

Creating my to-do list on my sidebar isn't really cognitive overload in the truer sense of list-making. What I want to do is finish what I started, shop from my closet, and make things people I love will like. AND I believe that it is important to carry a project through to completion rather than to wait until I cannot do it. I think about this more each day. Each day it makes more sense.

Like most quilters, I had big eyes and big dreams when I first started quilting, wanting to make all those gorgeous quilts that were show stoppers and award winners. Like most of us, I found myself quilting as fast as I could but always wanting to do more, go faster and quilt more beautifully.


And so now, I am working really hard to be practical with using what resources I have combine with what time I have. I am also trying to not whine about it. Yet, sometimes, I whine.

Practically speaking, my goal is to take those damn UFOs one at a time and get them done. These 5 tote bags represent UFOs, and I have more to go on the project. Two of them have insulation inside so they go in back of my car for personal use at the local store.