Saturday, July 8, 2017

Binding the Blue & White

Channel stitching stopped with 2" spacers. This quilt was so hot to hold on my lap and guide through the machine. Just binding left. Oh and the label. He wants his name on it so no one steals it. 11-year-old boys. 

Sometimes the decisions we make are set in place long before our emotions are ready to make a change. I keep wanting to keep my projects small & then forget. 

This one was so hot to work with on the machine, and is hot to hand sew the binding. Luckily, I can hold just a small section at a time as I work. At least 2 more days, including clipping threads on both sides.

I have made the decision many times to keep my quilt projects at lap size & then make them larger because I think that the person who uses it will need it bigger. Larger projects are what push me beyond my comfort.

People curl up to take naps. People only cover themselves up to their chins with quilts when they watch TV or videos. Smaller is ok. I have to stop trying to fix what I think is an issue which might not even be an issue!