Friday, July 7, 2017

Horizontal Channel Stitch

It is working a little bit better to sew with the grain of that flannel in back. The quilt is heavier than most, probably because of the flannel, maybe because it is twin size, which is a little larger than is usual for me to handle. Unfortunately, it is still wrinkling but in a way that looks more natural. 

I folded over one end to the left which is the direction I am not stitching in. It is pinned on the ends to help hold it. And the stitches are outside the ditch so I can follow where the logs are joined. The horizontal direction is shorter than going diagonally, so it is much easier to handle. Once the initial lines are sewn, I will go back and add middle lines to them all.

In the past, I would just keep going until the quilt was quilted. Now, however, it seems that I can set it aside and give my body a rest. I loaded 4 bobbins with thread & finished one. Rather than push myself on the Blue & White, I laid out & pinned the D4-P. It is ready to piece.

In one way, I shudder to think of the larger quilts already planned to finish in 2018. My skills are waning as is my strength to guide such heavy weights under the machine. Taking my time is a life lesson. Maybe, just maybe, I will pay for long arm quilting. We will see.