Friday, July 14, 2017

Scrappy Holiday quilt

When I went looking for finished blocks and discovered a finished back and some scrappy blocks that were ready to go, I spent my time joining the scrappy blocks and then adding to the back to make it work with the top.

So much in our world isn't pretty. So many awful things happen to people. One of the functions of a quilt is to give comfort. Another is to give joy. I am going to name this one Comfort & Joy. It needs batting before it can be basted and then quilted, so it has a way to go.

However, it will be the perfect lap/nap quilt to give someone close to the holidays who has lost someone or something. I am not going to add borders and will choose a binding that holds it together. This was a find.

I went shopping and bought strapping for 6 totes; two I started earlier and 4 that are being made from orphans. All of the totes are UFOs. These 4 come from a pair of pieced 12.5" blocks, and so will make smaller totes that have a holiday feel to them. I found batting scraps and fabric for the lining. All cut, pinned and ready to quilt. I am more interested in using them as is, rather than adding borders to extend them to a larger size. Also, what I want is to make easy-breezy no-nonsense totes.