Monday, July 3, 2017

Sick Day Sunday

Yesterday was a bust. Every so often, my body goes into a flair mode and makes me stop everything. That was Sunday.

Today, even as early in the morning as it is, looks that I will feel better physcially, mentally, and spiritually. I have an appointment in the clubhouse to baste my GrandSon's quilt. All the seams that had wrinkled are out and its ready for a fresh start. 

While I was not feeling well, my thoughts just spiraled down. I am really prioritizing what I want to quilt more than ever now. I don't get those flairs too often, but when I do, they remind me that I can only do so much.

Over the last couple of days, I pieced the purple, red & black quilt for one of my friends in WI. All I did on Sunday was to finish joining seven rows. I wasn't sure of the color combination and took these prints from my FQ stash. Reds are such a hot color and push forward. Blacks make the foundation. Other colors had either Red, Black or Purple, and reduced my FQ stash by 13 choices. 

While its not a sampler block or any other formal pattern, this random type quilt is actually quite welcomed. The project becomes a WIP and will finish out in 2018. It will need a couple of borders, batting & a back as well as the final binding.