Saturday, July 22, 2017

Squares & Strips

Ok, I am being bad. Just after declaring I would finish my UFOs before starting anything new, I decided to make a new quilt this morning for one of the outlaws (living with one of my blood relatives without legal benefits). He has a birthday the end of October so it might be ready then. I get promotional patterns in my email inbox from a number of quilting sites. Most of the time, they are not as easy as this one is supposed to be. 

The pattern takes 20 FQs cut the same to make rectangles and square, and then are pieced in only a few ways. The pattern suggested buying a FQ pack, yet there are so many FQs in my stash that I shopped from the closet first. It will be a true scrappy quilt even though they are somewhat coordinated. 

I got to use TWENTY Fat Quarters from my stash!

Cutting isn't always as easy a step as one would think. Especially since I mis-placed my favorite Rotary somewhere and brought out one that is less favored.

I use a cushioned pad made for people who clerk all day on their feet, and yet stepped away about half way through. My back started to hum. Next it is the piecing and that too is a challenge. I ran out of straight pins twice with the first round of piecing. Blocks need pressing and trimming to a uniform size before the layout process.

What do they mean easy? The pattern says this quilt can be made in a weekend, so I am well on my way. One thing for certain, there is very little waste. I am pleased with that part.