Saturday, July 29, 2017

Playing With Another Back

I spent the day with the bin that has my pre-cut squares from scraps. It takes awhile to sort them by color because when I cut them, I just cut them and put them in their designated container. I am working on the 4" 9-patches and finished 45 of them today. Enough to make 9 rows of 5 blocks. The row measures 52" and length is 96". Its a good start for a back and, as a back, can take on other 9-patch blocks on a side and a bottom to expand and fit a quilt top made in 2018. It has no need to match other blocks because they are all different, so adding leftovers from a project will be perfect.

Next, I might take the 10" squares & use my Twister Tool. You still join blocks together but with this tool, there are cuts to be made and additional sewing involved. Those big 10" squares need more attention to help them shine on a quilt. It is quite possible that they all turn out so good that they will become comfort quilts.

I am dropping this UFO to the bottom of my list for now, and will return to it later in the year.

It was just a simple day around here. Or so I thought until I got a small package from a friend in MN. Pages she had colored. Lots of them. And such a wow factor to them. Clearly the work of an artist. I am lucky to be surrounded by artistic friends.