Monday, July 24, 2017

A Weekend Quilt Top

I am delighted with this pattern. As I worked on an older goal I had for making a quilt for every member in my family, the thought came to me that my quilts are not made from a duty, but as a privilege, an opportunity. I have been given so many scraps, and the challenge is to figure out a way to make something lovely out of them. My 'stash' is getting down, so it does become more challenging

This pattern made use of 20 Fat Quarters I had that were getting more & more crowded in their basket container. This pic doesn't do it justice. The colors coordinate and supplement each other. Cutting took the longest part of it; next piecing all the rows took the day to finish. Of course, it needs backing and that is the next part. 

Making backs is on my list as UFOs and so that is my next work for this year. I am going to pull out the 10" squares to join for this one. 

I like this pattern so very much that I plan to make another one using up more of the FQs in my stash. I did a pretty random layout here and might try to see if I could do one that is more planned randomness. For whatever reason, non-quilters like this type of quilt and say 'it goes with everything'.