Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Cali Tote Law

Although I was carrying my own tote bags into stores for some time, now that it has become a regulation or law, all the stores charge for their bags. I need more of them. I certainly have fabric and they really are not too hard to make.

This one is to bring home frozen foods. Its got that special lining material in it. I finished the binding corner, and will add ribbons that tie for closure, & some straps for carrying. I used one of my totes as a pattern and am just making it to fit. It is something that will get tossed in my own car so I am not concerned how it will get used because I know what I need. There is another one started with the same goal for being a frozen food carrier. 

An apron is on the top of the UFO list, and I just grabbed the closest container in the closet without 'knowing'. Yet, I know better. I know that nothing is really done by chance. It was a choice to pull this project container out. I will get to the apron, as well as to the other UFOs on my sidebar list. I made my own commitment to finish them this year. I've written before how hard working on UFOs is. I just read an article suggesting tips for finishing them, and restoring new life and passion. Hah! I know the way. I just have to walk the path.