Thursday, July 13, 2017

Scrappy Tote Surprise

Sometimes I worry that what I make is not normal. Once I realize I don't even know what normal is, I just go on.

The second tote is assembled, except for the straps. I decided not to add the closing ribbons so that the bag can be loaded with items. Its bigger than the first one. I dipped into the orphan container for the center part and that determined its size. It was already pieced, so only needed to be quilted & pinned to the sides. It has reinforced seams so will be sturdy.

Even the blue binding around the top was only 2" wide, yet worked here. To finish this one, I need to buy more strapping. It remains a UFO, but has been taken to the next step.

Now, WHAT IF?? starts to invade my thoughts. I wonder what if I take some of the already finished quilt blocks and make them into totes for holiday gifts. There are a bunch of them in the orphan bin, and there are a bunch of them in a UFO project bin labeled bed runner. I make my holiday list, and $$ sign-out the Grandkids. There are at least 7 people on my list that I could make totes for. Do I want to do this? Its not a guess nor an answer at this point. I would need to start making them and see what happens.

When I went looking for finished blocks, I stumbled on some holiday orphans, so went looking at the holiday fabric container to see if there was enough to make lining and binding. Much to my SURPRISE, I found a back and a lot of scrappy holiday blocks. 

And no note-to-self. 

That means, I can do whatever I want with it. The previous project isn't even a memory. Its not about being normal or having normal projects. What I want to be is healthy. And wise. I want to be healthy and wise.