Friday, July 28, 2017

Twisted Road Back

It was my goal today--to think like a woman of action, and to act like a woman of thought.

It is interesting to me that the three family 'outlaws' (unmarried partners) in the family will get quilts on their birthdays this year. This back made me think hard for a plan to get it done, and then, after looking at this picture, I took my seam ripper and pulled that one light gray plaid away.  It was too much. Yet, now it is what it is, especially for a scrappy back, and seriously, used up almost all of the pieces in that PIG. Of course it will be trimmed to fit when the top is laid over it.

In truth, I know the joy I feel at using up that PIG's worth of throwaway fabrics is high right now. It is only one of the UFOs for backs, and I do not have pre-cut fabrics where I could use this pattern again. I will save it because I love how easy it was and how lovely it looks.