Monday, July 17, 2017

What I Learn

Wise women say that if you can act boldly on one small matter, you can act boldly on two. And they say that if you can act boldly on small matters, you can act boldly on larger matters. If you keep going you cannot be stopped.

That is how I feel about this year's quilts. The top fabric shown here is the back for this quilt. It is cut and pieced.

Although I purchased the three of the fabrics, it works with the FQs and the 2 yards of lime that were in my stash. Of course the next purchase is batting & I plan to watch for it to go on sale. It needs to go out by mid-September, but at this stage could be done in two weeks. I plan to quilt with random straight lines & hand bind. Easy.

This was to be the last of the 2017 quilts and so I turned my attention to the UFO's on my list. None of them have priorities only that they get finished this year.

I put one unfinished tote bag in the giveaway for someone else to either finish or throw away. It is out of my sight, out of my heart. Gone. A 12.5" square for a tote is a 2" smaller than most patterns. Not sure if I will modify them or not. I learned a lot doing this one. Mostly mistakes.

Then there is the red, black & purple quilt. I didn't think I would finish it for this year, but maybe it will go out. It is a bit wild, like my friend who one day realized she wasn't happy in her skin so hopped in her car and drove all over the country. Brave. I am not sure she found what she was looking for, but then, who of us ever does? The B&W swirl fabric came out from hiding when I stopped looking for it, so I cut borders and pieced them to all four sides. It is absolutely perfect for the spirit of the quilt. I plan to use a purple sheet for the back and binding strips, so this one is going to be striking. Of course it needs batting.

What did I learn? Let me tell you that every quilting day brings with it lessons from the heart, lessons from mistakes and lessons with joy. One thing this blog does is to record for me what I learn. Someone said never to tell your mistakes in a quilt because most people don't know what they are seeing anyway. Its only a real mistake if you don't learn from it and do something different that makes it look better.