Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Cutting, Sizing & Colorizing

Sometimes when I go into my bins, I tear everything apart looking for the right amount of fabric or color. I make such a mess. I am reminded of how my Sons' toy room looked. I used to tell them to clean up their mess, but never told them how. Funny thing is that quilting teaches me to be more organized, and then more organized again.
My small bins are out and there is a bag full of scraps too small to fit in yardage. 

(Rico's box of toys & card-board scratching cube are in back of my work, so it has to move soon so he can play). 

This bin holds yardage. Everything in it is labeled & colorized. The bag in front represents all Hallows fabric for quilt-along starting in August.

These three bags are UFO backs. The term for all four bags is: PIGS or projects in grocery bags. I want to finish them, & get started with the small bins pictured above.

Organization is all about retrieval for me. I am not naturally a neat person, but love neat surroundings. So there is little choice left. Next I plan to tackle the blue PIG next to the small bins. In it are scraps that need to be cut down so they can go into their appropriate bin. 

I've been feeling overwhelmed and discouraged with my work lately. Whenever I let myself get down, the depths can be mighty disturbing. My inner demons throttle me almost to death when I am not feeling at my best. And that is sad, yet a fact of life.

Anyway, this new round of organization is just another layer of minimizing what is not needed in my life. As Martha Stewart says, "its a good thing'.