Thursday, July 27, 2017

Back. Back I say

My psych class has us look back into our lives so we can see behavioral patterns of people around us. It's not to blame or whitewash events, but to look at them through the eyes of an adult. We are who we are because of those events.

Dealing with backs in quilting helps to sandwich layers and keep the quilt together. Backs can be made of plain muslin, or get into detail. They aren't supposed to take anything away from the front, but give it more. Back. Interesting concept.

I have two PIGs (projects in grocery-bags) of backs, & an entire bin of containers that hold various pre-cuts in 10", 8", 6", 5", 4", 3" and 2.5", plus one PIG that is 5" strips called a Dessert Roll

It has always been my intention to make scrappy backs from these leftovers. 

These particular groupings are section orphan leftovers rather than just pre-cuts. They started out with a purpose and were not used.
This is a pic showing one of the ideas I got for a back using scraps. I found it online and it makes use of coordinating squares in rows, complemented by strips. Next.

My attention went to the PIG that held 5" strips, which now represent discontinued Dessert Rolls in the stores. Of course there was no note-to-self in this PIG, and most of the pieces were dark. I didn't really remember what I planned, so spent a lot of time looking on-line for patterns that called for this size pre-cut. I found a few pictures and finally came upon a pattern that I could modify. 

I colorized what I had in the Dessert Rolls, & started joining them in one long strip to sub-cut at 42" (width of fabric or WOF) which modified the pattern. Someone once told me that in scrappy quilts, the more different fabrics you have, the easier it is to see them go together. What I didn't use for these colorways will make up the borders. It will be busy but not that loud.

I joined 7 rows of strips & trimmed them down to 28.5" wide. After marking 7" from 2 corners, taping it and cutting two colorways, I went on to the next step, & found fabric for a 13.5" center block. When the square is cut, it's ready for the final assembly. Easy-breezy. 

It is getting to be an old story. My quilt backs will make use of what is in my closet first. Of course, every once in awhile I go out and buy something to finish a particular quilt. My goal for these next UFOs is simple. If they are made, they will work. 

My goal for looking back is to find healing for myself and understand that everyone did their best, and their best is what made me who I am.