Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Yaey, A New Quilt Kit

It took me awhile to label all the cut pieces in one bin, and now they are colorized too. I really wanted to make a quilt from the Halloween scraps I have, but there is not enough for any of the required parts to make it work.

I turned back to what IS there in the bin, and pulled out this combo, which DOES meet the requirements. This quilt pattern says it finishes at approximately 63" x 76" which makes a nice personal nap quilt. I am enchanted by house block quilts and this will have 4 machine embroidered house blocks.

I am taking a trip to the big city a little later and plan to purchase 5 yards for the back, and hopefully will find it on sale.

I am also going to look at the Halloween fabrics for an older purple with web fabric. One of the 'kits' I made needs a bit more of it. Its tempting to buy enough to use this quilt pattern, but the goal is to shop from my closet first and only go out shopping in stores to finish a project.