Friday, August 11, 2017

Pushed Beyond My Comfort

As I worked on the pre-class work for the Weekend Tote, I felt very pushed beyond my comfort in endless ways. 

The 100% poly batting was stiff and hard to handle because it is stiffly made for totes. The first time I basted, one side wrinkled and the whole thing needed re-doing. Even with the walking foot & rolling one side, seams wrinkled, so I moved my machine out to the desk, found unused garden gloves, pinned the roll & kept on going. Okay, enough whining.

Although I cut 22 strips for the strip version, and am pleased with the combination, I decided that this whole cloth would be easier, and oh my, am I glad I took the easier way to go. At least, I saved myself the joining of all these strips in an attempt to be ready for class. The weight of the sandwich pulled at the machine and pulled fabric as well. Quilting has to be done before class so I pushed on, in spite of the feelings the work generated.

When a person undertakes any action, they want to feel a sense of accomplishment with the purpose. And when THINGS or parts of the project stop working as you hope or plan, it is easy to feel like it is your fault, or your lack of talent, and that you cannot do it. All those feelings hit me. Yet, I pushed on.

I am glad it worked out to make with this fabric and will go to one of the Granddaughters if it gets finished. I hope to get tips from the other members and instructor and with a little luck, the next time I go to make it, things will turn out. Personally, I think it is the stiff batting, but time will tell.

I don't want to put blame elsewhere, nor do I want to take it on myself. It would be nice to find a balance in all of this, and maybe that will happen in time.