Monday, August 7, 2017

Black Cat Mug Rug

I have a lot of little scraps from Halloween that I used to make a mug rug for one of the swaps.

One swap pays attention to animals often symbolic of the holiday. I selected Black Cats to send out because I found this very cute 4" square that fits in the center of the mug rug perfectly. The Black Cat is in the bottom corner and a bunch more for the back!

The swap require other little things, so I printed off Edgar Allen Poe's famous short story called 'The Black Cat'. Its the one where the guy changes because of alcoholism, abuses and kills his wife, hiding her body in a false wall in the basement. When the cops come looking for her, they almost miss her until there are screams coming from the wall. Sure enough, the cat got walled in too. Its classic Poe.

I also found some Black Cat facts, like there is only one true breed that has real black to the root black ...the Bombay. I know this is true because I get my long-haired cats groomed and when they are cut close to the skin, the hair is so much lighter. I found a black cat tipped pen I have never used, made a black cat bookmark & found some paper accessories for other crafting. So my partner should be happy. I am.