Monday, September 4, 2017

12 Days Swap 2017

I wasn't sure I wanted to sign up for this swap again. After filling out a profile, partners get matched and the swap begins. 

You buy 12 gifts to be opened before the in the package for Day One....two things in a package for Day Two & so on. 

The 12th Day is a home made gift. Rules are: A $35 spending limit; #2 is to include One yard of fabric that could be cut to total one yard; #3 is to include chocolate or a sweet indicated as a fav by the partner. 

There is a Facebook page for folks to ask more questions and 'stalk' their partner. So everyone is encouraged to answer the questions to give a more rounded profile.

What I decided to do was to make 1-12 tags first. I went onto and did a copy/ paste of 12 thumbnails of quilt blocks. I've printed them off and will glue the thumbnails onto 12 tags and affix the numbers, put a hole in each tag and add a ribbon tie. 

My partner's colors include blue, so I'll buy a roll of blue for the gifts that will all go in one box. I've asked what folks would like for a handmade gift and my partner mentioned two was place mats and the other was a table pin holder.

She also is a cat person, so I did buy 1 yard of cat fabric that is really, really cute. I don't have her colors in my stash, so need to purchase more for the handmade project. She wanted a table pin cushion and I found a pattern and might make myself one too.