Sunday, September 3, 2017

To Do List for 2018

While I made a commitment to finish as many UFO's I had in my closet for 2017, my goals for 2018 are a bit different, and yet are almost the same. There is only one UFO on my list (an apron) that I may finish this year. If I do not, out it goes to the thrift store if it is unfinished before 2018. I got a lot of them done this year.

As I consider what remains on my current To Do List, this is how I want to proceed:

  1.  Finish the 4 quilts for Great-Nieces & their half-Brother (GN & GNB)
  2.  Finish 3 quilts for Nephew, Niece & a Friend
  3. Finish an embroidery project (sooner than later because of Essential Tremors).
It has become more important for me to take a project from start to finish rather than starting more of them, and working on so many at one time. This will be my 2018 goal for quilting and for other things I do in life. The reason this became important to me is that there were too many projects in my bins that I kept taking out, looking at, and putting back in the bin. Over & over, I would take out the heavy bins & try to make sense of them. 

Originally, whenever I couldn't go forward on a project for whatever reasons, not having the fabrics or tools, I would set it aside and go onto something else. I discovered that nothing else was getting done in my life.

What I want to do if I reach an obstacle that makes me stop a quilting project, is to read, write, garden, do house-work, or finish the two scrapbooks I started years ago. I am converting my 100% quilting life into other parts of who I am or want to be. I don't want to get to the end of all the quilting and feel like there is nothing left for me to do. I have other interests.

This feels good and right because the stash in the closets IS getting down, plus my skills at doing some of the parts of quilting is waning with the continuing effects of Essential Tremors. I have one bin of 'kits' I made that I want to do plus all the scraps I have and will make. I can see myself continuing for several more years with what I have here. Meanwhile, I do need to attend to my other things and I want to. I've let much go far too long..and didn't leave notes-to-self with any of it either.

It can be harder to motivate myself than it is when I help motivate others. To change my life, I have to change my priorities. Its not about having the right quote, or the right anything. It is about living fully in the moment. I want to do that for myself.